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While no research method can guarantee a successful research paper, there is a sequence of steps which has proven to be a consistent and productive strategy for research. Below are sites which review these various steps.

Selecting a Topic
Finding Information on Your Topic
Steps in Writing a Paper

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Selecting a Topic

If a topic is assigned, it is important to consult with the professor to ensure all terms and requirements are well defined and understood.
If a topic may be chosen freely or from a list within a broad topic, then an ongoing consultation with the professor is recommended to ensure the choice of topic and the approach taken are compatible with the course requirements.

The following sites provide topic lists:
Clicking on “Research Topics” provides a long alphabetized list of subjects and sub categories.
Clicking on “Subject & Alphabetical Lists of Step by Step Guides” provides lists of topics and subject related resources.

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Finding Information on Your Topic

Information comes in many forms from many different sources. It forms the core content of the research project. Reference and subject specialist librarians can provide assistance and direction in this phase of the process.

The following sites address the gathering and evaluation of information:
A user friendly overview of the research process with additional units that address a literature review and empirical research.
A simply organized informative approach to the research process.
A comprehensive review for more advanced students.

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Steps in Writing a Paper

The online writing lab at Purdue University is a comprehensive reference source for any type of writing.
Clicking on the site map provides an exhaustive list of writing topics. Typing a topic/issue such as punctuation, plagiarism, style into the search box will provide an instructive response.
Use the tabs on the left to navigate the site. “Research and citation” and the APA and MLA style guides are very useful.
A simple and useful arrangement of drop down menus of writing and grammar topics.
Adelphi’s writing center provides an online registration for one-on-one tutoring assistance that is available at any phase of the writing project.

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Understanding what constitutes plagiarism  and learning how to avoid it are part of the research process. Click here to check out Adelphi's guide to Citing Sources and Plagiarism. You can also use the link below for more information:
A simple two page summary of the basic principles of plagiarism and ways to avoid it. Examples are included.

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