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Library of Congress
Panama Country Study
Library of Congress
Panama Portal to the World
NARA Records of the Panama Canal
Panama Canal Authority
Panama Canal Museum

“The Country Studies Series presents a description and analysis of the historical setting and the social, economic, political, and national security systems and institutions of the countries throughout the world.” Appendices for Panama include tables of statistical data and texts for Panama Canal treaties with U.S. Senate modifications.

The Library of Congress Portals to the World site provides informative links to the following areas: general resources, business, commerce, economy, the canal (including general resources, geography, environment and history) as well as government, politics, law and search engines.

This is a comprehensive history of the Panama Canal including its administrative history, and records concerned with the construction of the Canal. Other records concern the Canal Zone government, the Panama Canal Company, records relating to the health conditions in the Panama Canal Zone as well as cartographic records and motion pictures, sound recordings and still pictures.

This contains main pages for researchers and students, the press, maritime industry, clients and suppliers and kids. Some links of interest to researchers are Panama Canal expansion, general information, legal foundations, programs and projects.

At this site one can learn about the organization whose mission is to “preserve the history of the American Era of the Panama Canal (1904-1999)” and to provide information on the Panama Canal Today. Also available is a Virtual Tour.

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