Significance of the Panama Canal

President Theodore Roosevelt’s initiative and his dedication to the construction of the Panama Canal is best described in a quote from a letter he wrote to Secretary John Hay on July 1, 1902 found in Robert McMillan’s Global Passage. He quotes, “The great bit of work of my administration, and from the material and constructive standpoint one of the greatest bits of work that the twentieth century will see, is the Isthmian Canal.” The construction of the Panama Canal had a significant impact on the economies of the region as well as those of nations who rely on shipping of their cargo. The Panama Canal region has undergone tremendous change over the past century and is continuing to grow and prosper as a democratic country. In 2006 Robert McMillan remarked on these changes in the following quote from Global Passage. “There has been a clear move to democracy in Panama and a transformation of the country as a result. Now it is up to Panama to complete the transformation of the Canal. By doing so, Panama and the Panama Canal will remain a global passage for the world's economy.”

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