Guide to the Panama Canal Collection Papers

Summary Information

The collection was donated by Robert McMillan starting in the 1990s and continues to the present (2008).

Title and Dates
Panama Canal Collection Papers
1846-2004, bulk 1989-1994


The Panama Canal Commission (PCC) was established as an independent agency in 1979, superseding the Canal Zone Government and the Panama Canal Company. The PCC operated and maintained the Panama Canal in cooperation with the Republic of Panama from 1979-1999. Mr. McMillan began sending Adelphi material soon after he was appointed to the Commission and donated a large number of materials in 1999.

30 linear feet

Adelphi University Archives and Special Collections, Garden City, NY.

Language of Material
English, Spanish and French


After completing his undergraduate work at Adelphi, Robert R. McMillan received his JD degree from Brooklyn Law School in 1960. In addition to his distinguished legal career, Mr. McMillan has served on or headed numerous government, community, and private sector boards and was a member of the Board of Trustees of Adelphi University. An advocate of community service, Mr. McMillan founded the Long Island Housing Partnership, Inc. for affordable housing in 1987. More recently, in 2002, he became the first non-physician member of the Board of Trustees of the American Medical Association. Mr. McMillan was appointed to the Board of the Panama Canal Commission by President George Bush in 1989 and served as its Chairman from 1993-1994 the only non- Department of Defense official to do so.

Scope and Content Note

The Panama Canal Collection is a diverse collection of materials which give a historical perspective of Panama, the Panama Canal and the Panama Canal Commission. Also included is material relating to the strategic and economic importance of the Canal in today’s global economy. The collection consists of correspondence created by Robert McMillan (board member and Chairman of the Panama Canal Commission), correspondence to Mr. McMillan and correspondence generated by other members of the board and other important figures.  Also in the collection are essays, articles and chapters for Mr. McMillan’s book Global Passage.  There is also a superb collection of manuscripts about the Panama Canal.  The preponderance of materials concerns the Panama Canal Commission and the period between 1989 and 1999.  Included are reports concerning educational and employment practices, administration, regulations, presentations, financial reports, government reports, audits, newsletters (the Spillway), press releases, proposals, proceedings, ephemera and tourist guides, photos and memorabilia.


Series 1: Correspondence 1989-1999
            Subseries A: Correspondence To: Mr. McMillan, 1989-1999
            Subseries B: Correspondence From: Mr. McMillan, 1990-1999
            Subseries C: Correspondence by Others,   1902, 1915, 1988-1997
Series 2: Memoranda
            Subseries A: To the Board of Directors, 1990-1997
            Subseries B: To the Chairman of the Board, 1990-1994
            Subseries C: To the Inspector General, 1993-1994
            Subseries D: To the Secretary of the Army and the Under Secretary of the Army, 1993-1994
            Subseries E: To the Secretary of PCC, 1992-1994
            Subseries F: To the Personnel Director and members of the Personnel and Security Committee, 1993-1994
            Subseries G: To the Executive Committee, 1993
            Subseries H: To the Administrator, 1991-1994
Series 3: Board Meetings and Personnel and Security Meetings, 1990-1994
Series 4:  Drafts for publications, and related materials, 1990-1999
            Subseries A: Speeches, Articles and Essays, 1990-1999
            Subseries B: Rough Drafts for Chapters in Book Global Passage, undated, 1990-1995
            Subseries C: Reflections, Notes made by Robert McMillan, undated
Series 5: Presentations 1977-1998
            Subseries A: General Presentations, 1977-1998
            Subseries B: Catastrophic Insurance Program, undated
Series 6: Documents about the Panama Canal Treaty, undated
Series 7: General Historical and Background Information about Panama, the Canal and the Panama Canal Commission, undated, 1994-1995
Series 8: Future of Panama undated, 1994-1995
Series 9: Governance and Financial Reports 1980-1997
            Subseries A: Publications about Assessment of Governance and Financial Management, Audits, Budget Programs, and Ten Year Report, 1980-1996
            Subseries B: Recommendations Concerning Governance, 1993-1995
            Subseries C: Organic Law of the Panama Canal Authority, 1997
Series 10: Office of the Inspector General, 1991-1994
            Subseries A: Correspondence concerning the Office of Inspector General, 1994
            Subseries B: Memoranda concerning with the Office of the Inspector General, 1993
            Subseries C: Semiannual Reports, 1991-1994
            Subseries D: Office of the Inspector General Mission Statement, 1993
            Subseries E: Comments on Office of Inspector General, 1993
            Subseries H: Publications of the Office of the Inspector General, 1993-1994
Series 11: Guidelines, Laws and Bylaws, 1982-1998
Series 12: Memoranda of Understanding, 1979-1994
Series 13: Publications about Increase in Tolls, 1992
Series 14: Proposal 090960, 1992-1993
Series 15: Lavecchia Trial, 1994
Series 16: Employment Policies, undated, 1990-1994
Series 17: Education of Panama Canal Employees, 1991-1994
Series 18: Economic and Business Outlook, 1991-1999
Series 19: Marketing Program of PCC, Nov. and Dec. 1992
Series 20: Atlantic Council of the United States Papers, 1994-1996
            Subseries A: Correspondence with Atlantic Council, 1995-1996
            Subseries B: Background Information (including list of members), Draft papers and Bulletins, 1995-1996
            Subseries C : Publications, 1994-1996
Series 21: Universal Congress of the Panama Canal Papers, 1997
            Subseries A: Correspondence, 1997
            Subseries B: Remarks, Photos and Ephemera 1997
            Subseries C: Publications, 1997
Series 22: Information about Japan, 1991-1995
            Subseries A: Japan and its relationship to Panama and the Canal, Essays by McMillan  
            Subseries B: Noriega’s relationship to Japan including Disk of Testimony
            Subseries C: Remarks made by Consul Ito 1993
Series 23: Papers on H.R. 1558 and H.R. 2950, 1991
Series 24: Report for His Excellency Guillermo Endara Galimany, 1991
Series 25: Unclassified Papers, 1992-1994
Series 26: Proceedings, 1993-1994
Series 27: Miscellaneous Minutes, 1990-1994
Series 28: Letters, phone calls etc in non paper media, 1994                                          
Series 29: Random Notes, 1993-1997
Series 30: Administration, 1989-1990
Series 31: Biographical Information, 1983-1999
Series 32: Shipping Information and Statistics on Cargo, undated, 1991-1994
Series 33: Gaillard Cut / Widening Programs, 1987-1994
Series 34: Research on Grain Statistics and Employment Statistics, 1995
Series 35: Itineraries and Agendas, 1990-1994
Series 36: Congressional Yellow Book and Telephone Numbers and Addresses, undated, 1990
Series 37: On- site visits, 1992-1995
Series 38: The Exhibit, The End of an Era: The Transfer of the Panama Canal,  December 1999-January, 2000 and Selections form the Panama Canal Collection, 2008
Series 39: Newsletter, Spillway, 1990-1999  
Series 40: Clippings, 1983-1999
Series 41: Magazines, 1906-1999
Series 42: Daily News Summaries, 1991-1999
Series 43: Noriega Trial Transcripts 1991-1992
Series 44: Videos and Flash Drive Power Point Presentations undated, 1993-1995
Series 45: Selected Panama Canal Photographs Index, 1967
Series 46: Ephemera, undated, 1906-2004
Series 47: Newspapers, 1880-1999
Series 48: Photographs and Postcards,1906-1997
Series 49: Maps and Engineering Diagrams about the Canal Region, undated, 1910, 1945
Series 50: Memorabilia, 1850-1999
Series 51: Flat File, 1908-1994

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The Panama Canal Collection is open to research.

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Single photocopies may be made for research purposes. Permission to publish materials from the collection must be requested from Adelphi University Archives and Special Collections. Researchers are responsible for other copyright compliance.

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The Collection was processed by Claudia Lemlich and Elayne Gardstein and the Finding Aid was written by Claudia Lemlich and Elayne Gardstien.

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Subject Headings

Atlantic Council of the United States
McMillan, Robert R.
Panama Canal (Panama) - History -20th Century
Panama Canal (Panama) - Economic aspects
Panama Canal (Panama) –International status
Panama -History - 1981-
Panama -Foreign relations – United States
United States –Foreign relations –Panama
United States. Panama Canal Commission

Contents List

Series 1: Correspondence, 1989-1999

Series Description
The Correspondence Series contains letters written to and from Mr. McMillan concerning the Panama Canal Commission as well as letters written to and from other members of the Commission and prominent Panamanians. Also included are correspondence from notable figures who were involved in the construction and operation of the Canal, as well as the presiding presidents and dignitaries from the United States and Panama.

Arranged chronologically when dates available, otherwise alphabetically.

Box     Folder             Title                                                                              Date

Subseries A: Correspondence From: Mr. McMillan
1          1                      A-C                                                                             1990-1999
1          2                      D-H                                                                             1990-1997
1          3                      J-M                                                                              1990-1997
1          4                      N-Q                                                                             1990-1998
1          5                      R                                                                                  1990-1996
2          1                      S-T                                                                              1992-1996
2          2                      V                                                                                 1990-1998
2          3                      W-Z                                                                             1993-1997
2          4                      Miscellaneous                                                               undated
Subseries B: Correspondence To: Mr. McMillan
2          5                      A-D                                                                             1990-1999
2          6                      E-L                                                                              1991-1997
2          7                      M-P                                                                             1991-1997
3          1                      R                                                                                  1989-1992
3          2                      R continued                                                                  1993-1995
3          3                      S-Z                                                                              1990-1997
Subseries C: From Others
3          4                      A-P                                                                              1915, 1988-1995
3          5                      R                                                                                  1902, 1991-1994
3          6                      S-V                                                                              1992-1997

Series 2: Memoranda, 1991-1997

Series Description
Memoranda include the internal mail correspondence of the Panama Canal Collection

Subseries A: Memoranda to the Board of Directors, 1990-1997
4          1                                                                                                          1998-1990
4          2                                                                                                          1991
4          3                                                                                                          1992
4          4                                                                                                          1992
4          5                                                                                                          1992
4          6                                                                                                          1992
4          7                                                                                                          1993
5          1                                                                                                          1993
5          2                                                                                                          1993
5          3                                                                                                          1994
5          4                                                                                                          1994
5          5                                                                                                          1994
5          6                                                                                                          1995-97
Subseries B: Memoranda to the Chairman of the Board, 1990-1994
6          1                                                                                                          1990-1991
6          2-3                                                                                                       1992
6          4                                                                                                          1993-1994
Subseries C: Memoranda to the Inspector General
6          1                                                                                                          1993-1994
Subseries D: Memoranda to the Secretary of the Army and the Under Secretary of the Army
6          2                                                                                                          1992-1994
Subseries E: Memoranda to the Secretary of PCC
6          3                                                                                                          1992-1994
Subseries F: Memoranda to the Personnel Director and members of the Personnel and Security Committee
6          4                                                                                                          1993-1994
Subseries G: Memoranda to the Executive Committee
6          5                                                                                                          1993-1994
Subseries H: Memoranda to the Administrator                              
6          6                                                                                                          1991-1994                  

Series 3:  Board Meetings 1990-1994
7                      No. 90-2                                                                                  Jan. 31-Feb. 11, 1990
7                      No. 91-2                                                                                  Jan. 16, 17, 1991
7                      No. 91-4                                                                                  July 11, 1991
7                      No. 92-1                                                                                  Oct. 23, 1991
8                      No. 92-2                                                                                  Jan. 30, 1992
8                      No. 92-3                                                                                  April 9, 1992
8                      No. 92-4                                                                                  July 16, 1992
8                      No. 93-1                                                                                  Oct.28, 1992
8                      No. 93-2                                                                                  Jan. 11, 1993
9                      No. 93-3                                                                                  April 7, 1993
9                      No. 93-4                                                                                  July 14, 1993
9                      No. 94-1                                                                                  Oct. 27, 1993
9                      No. 94-2                                                                                  Jan. 26, 1994
9                      No. 94-3                                                                                  April 13, 1994
9                      No. 94-4                                                                                  July 13, 1994

Series 4: Drafts for Publications and related materials, 1990-1999

Series Description
The Publications Series includes in Subseries A: speeches, articles, pamphlets and essays. These materials are related to Mr. McMillan’s book, Global Passage and reflect Mr. McMillan’s opinions on a variety of subjects pertaining to the Panama Canal. These papers concern issues such as the transition of authority of the Panama from the United States government to Panamanian government and remarks on the general state of affairs in Panama from 1990-1999. In subseries B are several of the drafts for the chapters in this book. Also included in this subseries are information and notes compiled by Mr. McMillan in his research for Global Passage.  In Subseries C are reflections and notes made by Mr. McMillan.


Arranged Chronologically
Subseries A: Speeches Articles Pamphlets and Essays, 1990-1999
10        1                                                                                                           1990-1999
Subseries B: Chapters for Book Global Passage including notes and information collected in the process of research for the chapters
10        1-19
11        1-6
Subseries C: Reflections, Notes made by Robert McMillan
11        7                                                                                                           undated

Series 5:  Presentations, 1992-1998

Series Description
These include presentations and statements given by members of the Panama Canal Commission and others who played an important role in the governance and functioning of the Panama Canal.

Subseries A: General Presentations
12        1          A-D                                                                                          1977-1998
12        2          E-H                                                                                          1993-1994
12        3          J-S                                                                                           1992-1993
12        4          T-Z                                                                                          1992-1993
Subseries B: Catastrophic Insurance Program
12        5                                                                                                           undated

Series 6:  Documents about Panama Canal Treaty

Series Description
These documents describe the guiding principles of the Treaty and include documents about its meaning and impact.
12        6                                                                                                           undated                                                                                             

Series 7: General Historical and Background Information about Panama, the Canal and the Panama Canal Commission

Series Description
These materials include various types of information which contain historical and general information about the history of the Panama and the Canal.
12        7                                                                                                           1846-1912
12        8                                                                                                           undated, 1915-1997

Series 8: Future of the Canal

Series Description
The future of the Panama Canal concerns initiatives created while the Panama Canal  Commission was in operation.  It concerns the projected future of the Canal from the viewpoint of the given timeframe.  Much of the material concerns the transition of the governance of the Canal from the United States to the Republic of Panama.
12        9                                                                                                            undated, 1994-1995 

Series 9: Governance and Financial Reports

Series Description
These reports concern the Governing and Financial Integrity of the Panama Canal Commission and the Panama Canal region.

Subseries A: Publications about Assessment of Governance and Financial Management, Audits, Budget Programs, and Ten Year Report
13        1-8                                                                                                       1980-1996
Subseries B: The Organic Law of the Panama Canal Authority
13        9                                                                                                          1993-1996
Subseries C: Legislative Recommendations, Assessments, Amendments and General Recommendations concerning governance of the Panama Canal Commission and region.
13        10-13                                                                                                   1993-1995
Series 10: Reports of the Office of the Inspector General

Series Description
Contains materials generated by and about the Inspector General including publications memoranda and correspondence. These include publications such as semiannual reports from 1991 through 1994, and annual reports for 1993 and 1994, a report on actions needed to strengthen OIG at designated federal entities as well as various reports on specific subjects handled by the OIG.
14        1-24                                                                                                     1992-1994

Series 11: Guidelines, Laws and Bylaws

Series Description
The Guidelines, Laws and Bylaws are issues that concern the governance of the Canal and include the general mission statement of the Panama Canal Commission, its regulations, and charters.
15        1

Series 12: Memoranda of Understanding

Series Description
These materials regard “the consultation of U.S. agencies operating in Panama and the coordination of the policies and activities of the agencies.” Of note are materials concerning the relationship between the Panama Canal Commission and the Pilots Branch.
15        2

Series 13: Publications about an Increase in Tolls

Series Description
These publications by the Panama Canal Commission Board of Directors
concern the increase in tolls.
Subseries A: Proposal To Increase Tolls
15        3                                                                                                           April 1992
Subseries B: Panama Canal Tolls Hearing
15        4-5                                                                                                       June 4, 1992
Subseries C: Report of Panel on Proposed changes in Rates of Tolls              
15        6                                                                                                           July, 1992

Series 14:  Proposal 090960

Series Description
Panama Canal Commission developed Proposal 090960 to procure advisory services for the Board of Directors in December of 1992. Included in this series are a procurement package, proposals in response to the request for advisory services, correspondence pertaining to the proposal as well as papers giving the credentials of those responding, evaluation of the responses, and papers dealing with procurement integrity.
16        1-5                                                                                                       1993-1993

Series 15: Lavecchia Trial

Series Description
Included in these papers are Press Releases and related materials about the Lavecchia  trial  concerning racketeering charges.  Lavecchia  served as Chief of the Panama Canal Commission’s Logistical  Support Division (1986-1990).
16        6                                                                                                           1994

Series 16: Employment Policies

Series Description
Policies include Panamanian participation in key operations, their wage adjustments, pensions and medical care costs, employment procedures concerning minority groups, overtime and temporaries as well as retirement.
17        1-19                                                                                                     1990-1994

Series 17: Education of Panama Canal Employees

Series Description
These materials concern training for management as well as executive positions with special attention to educating qualified managers to sustain the Canal up to and after the year 2000.  Also included is some information about the training of Latin American Soldiers at the School of the Americas.
18        1-5                                                                                                     1990-1994

Series 18: Economic and Business Outlook

Series Description
These materials provide information about possibilities for economic investment in Panama, especially the future of foreign investment in Panama’s economy and real estate. Also included is information about Interoceanic Region Authority of Panama which includes materials about the Maritime Sector, Industrial Parks and Tourism.
19        1-2                                                                                                       1991-1999

Series 19: Marketing Program

Series Description
The Marketing Program is a part of the Budget and Finance Committee charter and concerns the promotion of the use of the Panama Canal
19        3-4                                                                                                       1992-1996

Series 20: Atlantic Council of the United States

Series Description
Atlantic Council is an entity which is involved in international dialog to develop international policy in this case with respect to Panama.
Subseries A: Correspondence with Atlantic Council
19        5                                                                                                           1994-1996
Subseries B: Background Information (including list of members), Draft of Policy Papers and Bulletin
19        6                                                                                                           1995-1996
Subseries C: Publications
19        7-8                                                                                                       1994-1996

Series 21: Universal Congress of The Panama Canal

Series Description
The Congress was formed as a response to the transition of the Canal from US control to Panamanian Control. Its goal was to address issues concerning the transfer including status and future of the waterways as well as opportunities for investment in the area.
Subseries A: Correspondence
20        1                                                                                                           1997
Subseries B: Remarks, Photos and Ephemera
20        2                                                                                                           1997
Subseries C: Publications
20        3                                                                                                           1997

Series 22: Information regarding Japan

Series Description
Included are comments on Japan by Mr. McMillan who stresses the idea that Japan at the time of the Canal’s transition from U.S. to Panamanian control, was seeking to have an important role in the supervision of the Canal. During that time, Japan had a lot at stake with respect to the Canal.  In essence, Mr. McMillan believed Japan would benefit greatly if it controlled the Canal and that it had every intention to do so.  Also included are remarks made by Consul General Ito who discussed Japan’s relationship with the Panama Canal as of  June1993. Furthermore in these papers are transcripts from the trial of Manuel Noriega, where he was implicated as having received “bribes” from Japanese businesses with interests in controlling the Canal.
20        4-6                                                                                                       undated, 1991-1997

Series 23: Papers on H.R. 1558 and H.R. 2950

Series Description
These include some correspondence and background information concerning the respective Bills. H.R. 1558 is a Bill “to amend the Panama Canal Act of 1979 to provide for a Chairman of the Board of the Panama Canal Commission and for other purposes.” H.R. 2950 concerns the defense sites and military installation built by the United States and their exclusive use by Panama.
20        7                                                                                                           1991

Series 24: Report for His Excellency Guillermo Endara Galimany

Series Description
This report includes “recommendations for the short, medium and long term effective management of the reverting assets, as well as recommendations for the future optimum administration of the Panama Canal.”
20        8                                                                                                          1991

Series 25: Proceedings

Series Description
Proceedings by Miller Reporting basically are the transcripts of board meetings as recorded by Miller Reporting. They concern both the nomination of Robert McMillan to Chairman of the Board in October 1993 and the replacement of Mr. McMillan in 1994 by Joe Reeder. Also included are miscellaneous transcripts from awards ceremonies.
20        9-10                                                                                                     1985-1994 

Series 26: Miscellaneous Minutes

Series Description
Included in the Minutes are those from the Personnel Committee, the Personnel and Security Committee, the Operating Committee, the PCC Transition Committee, and the Audit Committee.
20        11                                                                                                        1990-1994
Series 27: Letters, phone calls in non paper media

Series Description
Included are a Floppy Disk of a Freedom of Information Act sample letter and a phone call with J. Reeder on cassette. 20        12                                                                                                        1994

Series 28: Unclassified Papers

Series Description
Included in these papers are the statements made by various politicians about the governance and welfare of Panama and the Canal. Topics covered include the Noriega trial, democratic elections, drug trafficking as well as the investment of the Chinese in the operation of ports in Panama.
20        13                                                                                                        1992-1994

Series 29: Random Notes

Series Description
These provide a unique opportunity to see the thought process involved in Mr. McMillan’s decision making.  For the most part the notes are from the period of 1994-1997 and concern issues involved in maintaining the Canal and the administration of the Panama Canal Commission.
21        1
Series 30: Administration

Series Description
Included are  functional charts describing the different levels of management for the Office of the Administrator and Staff, Office of Financial Management, Office of Personnel Administration, Marine Bureau, and  General Service Bureau. Also included is information concerning the administration of the Engineering and Construction Bureau of the Industrial Division.
21        2                                                                                                            undated, 1989

Series 31: Biographical Information

Series Description
The Biographical information described is that of Robert McMillan as well as other notable officials.
21        3                                                                                                           undated, 1983-1999

Series 32:  Shipping Information and Statistics on Cargo

Series Description
Shipping information consists of The Marine Directors advisory to shipping and The Marine Bureau mailing list of shipping companies. The Cargo statistics give detailed information about commodity movements through the Canal, Canal traffic and toll revenue as well as details about cargo with destinations other than the U.S.
21        4                                                                                                           undated, 1991-1994

Series 33: Gaillard Cut/ Widening Program

Series Description
The materials included concern the fact that a greater number of Panama vessels began traversing the Canal and there was concern as to whether the Canal could accommodate those vessels. Discussed in these papers is the time frame for the widening of the Gaillard Cut.  Also included is information about The Canal Alternatives Study regarding the feasibility of a sea level Canal in Panama.
21        5                                                                                                           undated, 1987-1991

Series 34: Research on Grain Statistics and Employment Statistics

Series Description
This includes statistics published by Agricultural Outlook, an economic research service of the United States Department of Agriculture published in April 1995. Also included are statistics on employment and earnings issued by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics in March of 1995.
21        6                                                                                                           1995

Series 35: On-site visits  

Series Description
These include materials about visits by Panama Canal Commission members to different regions of the Panama Canal during 1992-1993
21        7                                                                                                           1992-1993

Series 36: Itineraries and Agendas

Series Description
These materials include some invitations and itineraries, as well as guest lists of Panama Canal Commission meetings and miscellaneous agendas for working meetings of the Commission.
21        8                                                                                                           undated,1990-1994

Series 37: Telephone Numbers and Addresses, Congressional Yellow Book

Series Description
These include telephone numbers and addresses of the members of the board of the Panama Canal Commission and many others found in Mr. McMillan’s papers.
21        9                                                                                                          undated, 1994-1995

Series 38: Exhibits, The End of an Era: The Transfer of the Panama Canal and Selections from the Panama Canal Collection

Series Description
The End of an Era: The Transfer of the Panama Canal exhibit took place from December 7, 1999 to January 21, 2000 at Swirbul Library of Adelphi University.  Contained in this exhibit are two bound preliminary chapters for Global Passage. These are “America Swings a Big Stick and The Patrimony of Panama. Also included is the video “A Quick Look at the Panama Canal”, a flyer with a selected bibliography, and a newspaper clipping from Long Island Newsday concerning the exhibit. Also included in the series are the exhibit labels for the Selections from the Panama Canal Collection exhibit of 2008.
22                                                                                                                    1999-2000, 2008

Series 39: Clippings

Series Description
Clippings include articles from various periodicals. Articles included are from leading newspapers in the United States and from newspapers in Panama. They range in dates from 1903 to 1998. Also included in this collection are press releases, news obtained through the internet and articles from leading magazines in the United States.
23        1-6                                                                                                       1903-1999
24        1-11                                                                                                     1973-1999

Series 40: Magazines

Series Description
Included are magazines such as Cosmopolitan from 1906, Liberty from 1941 and Life from 1957.  There are a variety of magazines dating from 1974 through 1997. They contain historical information about the Canal, the industry supported by the Canal and investments which pertain to it, and describe the Canal as a key element in international trade.
25        1-6                                                                                                       1906-1999

Series 41: Newsletter, The Spillway

Series Description
The Spillway was the first Canal newspaper published in 1962. It is published in both English and Spanish and contains articles about the Panama Canal its operation, administration and infrastructure.
26        1-5                                                                                                       1990-1995
27        1-4                                                                                                       1996-1999

Series 42: Daily News Summary

Series Description
The Daily News Summary was published by the Office of Public Affairs of the Panama Canal Commission and is a translation and summary of local Panamanian news. Included are summaries from La Prensa, La Estrella, El Panama America, El Siglo and Critica Libre.
28        1-10                                                                                                     1991-1992
29        1-11                                                                                                     1993
30        1-10                                                                                                     1994
31        1-12                                                                                                     1995
32        1-12                                                                                                     1996
33        1-12                                                                                                     1997
34        1-14                                                                                                     1988-1989

Series 43: Noriega Trial Transcripts

Series Description
The trial papers are the complete transcript of the trial of General Manuel Noriega the Military Dictator of Panama from 1983 to 1989.  He was convicted under federal charges of cocaine trafficking, racketeering and money laundering. His trial began in 1991 and he was convicted in 1992.

Series 44: Videos and Power Point Presentations on Flash Drive

Series Description
These include A Quick Look at Panama and The Panama Canal It’s Something to See as well as footage of a Board Meeting, a video created for the 75th Anniversary of the Canal, and a Modern Marvels Video. The Power Point presentations include the following subjects: The French failure at the Panama Canal, Theodore Roosevelt’s Success, The Transformation of Panama and the Panama Canal and Columns: Marilyn Monroe to Vietnam  and Iraq.
37                                                                                                                     undated, 1993-1995

Series 45: Selected Panama Canal Photographs Index 1904-1939

Series Description
This collection contains table of contents and indexes for volume 24, pages 1-101. This volume belongs to a larger collection which has, “twenty four volumes containing 2,233 photographs selected from about 16,000 glass plate negatives to provide a photographic history of the construction and operation of the Panama Canal”, from 1904-1939. This volume was published by the Administrative Services Division of the Panama Canal Company in Balboa Heights of The Canal Zone in 1967.
38                                                                                                                     1967

Series 46: Ephemera

Series Description
Included in Ephemera are many items of interest including business pamphlets, art pamphlets, travel guides and tourist information, commemorative magazines and albums, holiday cards and invitations, color prints, stamp collections, as well as decorative books with color plates, and other miscellaneous items.
38                                                                                                                     1906-2004

Series 47: Newspapers

Series Description
Among the newspapers collected are the New York Tribune from 1906 and the Los Angeles Herald of 1903.  Also included are front pages from the Illustrated London News from 1880  and issues of the Youths Companion from 1903 and the Journal de Finances from 1904 as well as The Canal Record of 1907.  (These are housed in the oversized flat boxes)
40                                                                                                                     1880-1999

Series 48:  Photographs, and Postcards

Series Description
The Panama Canal Collection includes an extensive collection of photographs, and post cards.  Included are postcards and some photographs from the period of  Canal construction. Most photographs in the collection are primarily from the 1990s and include photos of Robert McMillan presiding over board meetings, photos of Panama just after Operation Just Cause, the inauguration of Ernesto Balladeres as president of Panama as well as a trip made in 1997 to the region by Mr. McMillan. Also included are panoramic views of the canal region and autochrome photographs by Harrison from 1913. (These are housed in separate flat boxes)
40                                                                                                                     1906-1997

Series 49: Maps and Engineering Diagrams about the Canal Region

Series Description
Included in this series are a Profile and Yardage Estimate on the Canal by the Isthmian Canal Commission from 1910, a undated small map of the Canal Zone and profile Diagram of the Isthmus and Canal, and a Plan for a Sea Level Canal issued by the Panama Canal Department of Operation and Maintenance created in 1945 by H. Ehrman with a cross section on side a and a map on side b.  Also in this collection is an oversized map of the Canal Zone and vicinity with both the Atlantic and Pacific regions. Also included are other miscellaneous maps of the region from the period before and after the constructions of the canal.   (These are housed in an oversized flat box)
44                                                                                                                     undated, 1910, 1945

Series 50: Memorabilia

Series Description
Memorabilia includes the following: a commemorative plaque signed by Theodore Roosevelt in 1904, a plaque honoring the swearing in of Robert McMillan to the Panama Canal Commission in 1989, a Panama Canal Commission Mission statement plaque from 1990 and a framed Flag from the Panama Canal Commissions office presented to Robert McMillan in 1999. Other plaques include Two French Stock Certificates issued to support the building of the Panama Canal in 1850. Other Memorabilia include I.D. badges from employees who worked on the construction of the Canal, watch fobs, souvenir and commemorative medals and coins, a commemorative plate, paper weights, an engraved memento, playing cards, Panama Canal puzzles, coasters from the mail ship between Panama and the U.S. and a book end made from a piece of railroad which traversed Panama in 1850. Also included are several prints from 1908. Many of the oversized framed items are currently housed on separate shelves.
45                                                                                                                     1850-1999

Series 51: Flat File

Series Description
These are items which cannot be housed in boxes.  They include a framed photograph of construction of the canal from 1913 and an undated Birds Eye View map of the Canal. Also included are matted photographs from both 1908 and 1994, and Panoramic views from 1908.                                                             1908-1994

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