Cruikshank Artwork at Princeton University Library
The Political House that Jack Built
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The William Hone BioText
William Hone Papers
This website includes a finding aid or guide to Princeton University's extensive collection of George Cruikshank's personal papers, a Cruikshank catalog of drawings, an interactive exhibition of prints and drawings, and a searchable Cruikshank database. This is a full-text annotated facsimile hypertext edition of Hone's famous pamphlet. It was edited by Prof. Kyle Grimes of the University of Alabama
for the Romantic Circles Electronic Editions collection.
This is a basic source for background biographical and historical information.  Hone is listed under Book & Newspaper Publishers, while Cruikshank can be located under Cartoonists and Illustrators.
Prof. Kyle Grimes of the University of Alabama has graciouly allowed Adelphi to link to his William Hone BioText. There are introductory
biographical, bibliographical, and electronic source materials in the Bio Text.
Washington State University at Pullman has a guide to its collection of William
Hone Papers. It includes descriptions of Hone's notes and correspondence,
the Every-Day Book, and a manuscript about Hone by G.T. Lawley.