Title: Great Gobble Gobble Gobble, and Twit Twittle Twit, or Law, versus Common Sense: Being a Twitting Report of Successive Attacks on a Tom Tit, His Stout Defenses & Final Victory. A New Song, with Original Music by Lay Logic Esquire. Student in the Law of Libel

Artist: George Cruikshank

Author: [William Hone]

Description: Song sheet. 4 pages. 37 cm.

Date: 1817

Citations: Cohn 363. George 12899

Commentary: Following his acquittal, Hone's song exalts free speech and mocks the prosecutors at his libel trials of Dec. 1817. In the hand colored frontispiece, Cruikshank depicts Hone as a twittering tom tit teasing the others.