Henry S. Saunders, 1864-1951.

100 Whitman Photographs . Toronto , Can. , 1940.

The verso of the title page (see below) reads:

This is a selection from my volume of "Whitman Portraits", including all the original photographs I have been able to collect, with a few of the more celebrated paintings and one statue: that of Jo Davidson placed in the New York World's Fair grounds. The larger volume contains 325 prints, including photographs, drawings and engravings from them, paintings, busts, plaques, fancy pictures and caricatures, with notes of where they have been published.
This book is made entirely by hand, numbered and signed by
Henry S. Saunders

This is number ten.
Copies are dated when made.
First copies made 1939.
This copy contains an extra picture, 97.1, acquired after the volume was originally planned.

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