Walt Whitman, 1819-1892.

Leaves of Grass . Boston : Thayer and Eldridge, Year 85 of the States, (1860-61) [ New York : R. Worthington, 1879?]

Gift of Emory Holloway.

Spurious issue of the third edition. According to the account by Carolyn Wells and Alfred F. Goldsmith in A Concise Bibliography of the Works of Walt Whitman (1922), financial difficulties resulting from the Civil War caused the Thayer and Eldridge business to close. Their plates for the third edition were sold at auction and eventually became the property of a New York publisher, Richard Worthington by about 1879.

After an unsuccessful attempt to reach an agreement with Whitman, Worthington began publishing these spurious issues which are easily detected by the lack of the words: "Electrotyped at the Boston Stereotype Foundry. Printed by George C. Rand and Avery," on the verso of the title page. The frontispiece portrait after a painting by Charles Hine is retained in this issue.

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