Richard Stoelzer joined the Boston Symphony Orchestral Club in 1888, its fourth season, and continued with it probably through the spring of 1891. For a short time in the 1890-91 season, Stoelzer's name appeared on several programs and flyers as treasurer of the Boston Orchestral Club. By the fall of 1891 Richard Stoelzer and Mario Blodeck had formed the Boston Symphony Club, whose name they soon changed, to avoid confusion, to the Mozart Symphony Club.

The following name file of Richard Stoelzer's associates may help to serve as a finding aid. After the names of the musicians are the abbreviations of the musical organizations* (described above) to which they belonged and the years in which they are known to have performed. Other names are followed by the number of the Series* (1 or 3) in which material concerning the individual appears. These names can then be located in the Series 1 inventory and Series 3 folders.

* Abbreviations used :

BOC - Boston Orchestral Club

BSC - Boston Symphony Club

BSOC- Boston Symphony Orchestral Club

MSC - Mozart Symphony Club

S - Series in Inventory


Bachert, Max, manager BSOC ca. 1885-91

Ballmann, M., flute BOC 1890-91

Bavarian Court Theater Committee S 1

Beckel, Josef, double bass BSOC 1888-

Bertell, Flora Marguerite, singer BOC 1890-91

Biederman, Paula, soprano MSC 1898-99

Blodeck, Mario, viola da gamba, BSOC 1890-91, BSC 1891; violoncello, zither MSC 1891-1904

Burose, Adolph, flute BSOC 1888

Braems, Cecilia, soprano MSC 1893-95

Crystal Palace Theater S 1

Cushing, Elsa Clark, soprano BSOC 1888

De Munka, R., violin BOC 1890-91

De Seve, Alfred, violin BSOC 1889

De Vielle, Zoe, contralto, elocutionist MSC 1894-95

Dreibrodt, F., double bass BSOC 1888+

Einsteine, Rozella, soprano MSC 1891-92

Fasshauer, J., double bass BSOC 1889

Flower, Florence , soprano MSC 1899-1900

Forrest, Mary, singer MSC 1891-92

Franco, Sam S 3

Friderici, Blanche L., elocutionist MSC 1897-98

Gumaer, Marie Louise, contralto MSC 1895-98

Henkel, Emil S 1

Hentshel, Oscar, flute MSC 1891/92

Herbert, Victor S 3

Hoch, Theodor, cornet, violin, Alpine MSC 1891-1905; echo horn, Roman triumphal trumpet

Huntington, Katherine, soprano MSC 1898-99

Kneisel Quartet S 3

Kranshaar, Carl, flute MSC 1892-93

Laine, J. H., business agent MSC 1891-?

Langey, Otto, violoncello BSOC 1889-?, S 5

Lapini, Joseph, violin BSOC 1889

La Roche, Mme., chromatic harp MSC 1895-96

Lax, Fred, flute, flageolet BSOC 1889

Lund , John S 1 Lund, Otto, violin MSC 1893-1900

Milton, Grace, singer MSC 1892-93

Mitchell, Percy W., violin MSC 1892-93

Mora, Alberto C., flute, bass singer MSC 1893-94

Nowell, Willis, violin BSOC 1888

Oehlhey, Ernst, violoncello BSOC 1890-91

Ohrstrom, Augusta singer BSOC 1889

Palm, Charles, violin BSOC 1888

Peterson, Julie, flute, piano MSC 1905

Poltmann, Richard, violin BSOC

Polz, Edward S 1

Powell, Maud, singer MSC 1891-92

Rhodes, John F., violin MSC 1891-93

Riegg, Carola, soprano MSC 1892-93

Roth, Philipp, violoncello BSOC 1888

Royal Academy of Visual Arts, Munich S 1

Royal Saxon Orchestra (Band) S 1 & 3

Rucquoy, Frederick , flute, piccolo BSOC

Schmalz, W. H. S 3

Schumann-Heink, Ernestine S 3

Sticht, Henry, double bass, piano MSC 1891/92

Stoelzer, Emma Toaspern S 1

Stoelzer, [Ernst] Richard, viola, BSOC 1888-91, BOC 1890-91; viola d'amore , viola alta, BSC 1891, MSC 1891-1905; archlute, saxophone, clarinet

Stoelzer, Walter H., S 1

Stori, Marie, violin, soprano MSC 1900-1905

Thalia Theater S 1

Thomaskirche, Leipzig S 3

Toaspern, Herman S 3

Toaspern, Otto S 1 & 3

Toulmin, Camille, harp MSC 1891-92

Van Dyck, Lea, singer BSOC

Vredenburg, S. M., manager BOC 1890-91

Wagner, Friedrick S 1

Wit, Paul de S 3