Title: A Year's Residence in the United States of America: treating of the face of the country, the climate, the soil, the products, the mode of cultivating the land, the prices of land, of labour, of food, of raiment ...

Author: William Cobbett
Imprint: London : Printed for Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, Paternoster-Row, 1818-1819
Description: 3 pts. (610 p.) ; 23 cm. First English edition.

"An account of the author's agricultural experiments in the cultivation of the ruta baga, or Russia, or Swedish turnip...": pt.1, chap. 2 Mr. Hulme's Journal, made during a tour in the western countries of America, in which tour he visited Mr. Birkbeck's settlement ... Mr. Cobbett's letters to Mr. Birkbeck ... on... his two publications, entitled "Notes on a journey in America" and "Letters from Illinois" ...: pt. 3

Citation: Pearl 94

Commentary: Published in three parts in 1818-19 at New York, this collection of articles was based on Cobbett's experience while living on a farm at [New] Hyde Park, North Hempstead, Long Island. A Year's Residence "is remarkable for its living, smoothly flowing style. Indeed, it is the first book in which Cobbett found that happy combination of political pamphlet, daily journal, travelogue, and farming treatise so vividly exploited in the later Rural Rides."

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