The William Cobbett Collection at Adelphi University

Welcome to The William Cobbett Collection in Special Collections at Adelphi University Libraries in Garden City, New York. Established by the Friends of the Adelphi University Library in 1948 as one of its first interests, the William Cobbett collection has become a major special author collection here. The collection continues to be supported by the Friends and over the years has also benefited from the generosity of many other donors, most notably a gift by Mrs. C. Rexford Davis of her husband's Cobbett library; the collection is therefore named in memory of Dr. Davis, Cobbett scholar and bibliographer at Rutgers University.
The Introduction link below will provide a brief biography of William Cobbett.  The cataloged books, prints and broadsides are listed in the ALICAT link, while the collection of manuscript material is described in the Guide link.  The Exhibit link will show a selection of items from our collection.  Related websites are described in Other Links.

Pen and ink drawing of William Cobbett
by Daniel Maclise (1806-1870)

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