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Mission and Vision of Adelphi University Libraries

Strategic Plan 2014-2017

Academic libraries are in the midst of fundamental transformation. This change is due to a variety of factors—rapidly evolving student and faculty expectations for ready access to information resources and research support; the seismic shift from print to digital scholarly communication and publishing; the growing demand on campuses for readily accessible commons for collaborative learning, innovative teaching with technology, and creative/scholarly production; the increasing need to demonstrate value and accountability through thorough rigorous assessment. This Strategic Plan is intended to guide the AU Libraries in this period of dramatic change. Moreover, this plan is intended to ensure that the Libraries continue on a path of excellence and continued improvement aligned with Adelphi University’s enduring core values and strategic Strategic Initiatives, as articulated in the AU 2015 Strategic Plan.

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Our Mission

The Adelphi University Libraries provide education, information resources, services, and facilities that advance teaching, learning, research and creative activity. As an academic department of the University, the AU Libraries educate our AU community in the effective discovery, evaluation and use of information resources, and lead research which informs our practice.

Our Values

The University Libraries value:

  • service to our users
  • a talented, diverse and empowered faculty and staff
  • a workplace culture of trust, transparency, and mutual respect
  • collegiality, cooperation, partnership and collaboration
  • creative virtual and physical spaces for knowledge discovery, and scholarly and creative production
  • technological innovation
  • commitment to excellence and high performance
  • assessment, evaluation and continuous improvement
  • efficient and effective management of resources

Our Vision

The AU Libraries will be an innovative hub where knowledge is accessed, produced and shared, and where high-impact instruction is modelled and implemented in state-of the art classrooms. The sum of what we provide—education, information resources, learning and creative spaces–will demonstrably contribute to student engagement, learning outcomes and retention, as well as student and faculty success. The AU Libraries will be the place where the University’s unique and distinctive Archives and Special collections are appropriately conserved and promoted to the campus community and beyond, enhancing the profile of the University, and demonstrably contributing to AU Advancement.

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