Studio Policies

Collaboration Studios

What you need to know about using the collaboration studios.

  • Reservation Policy

    • – Only current Adelphi University students with a valid AU email address and ID card may reserve collaboration studios.

      – Collaboration studios may only be reserved through our online reservation system.

      – Collaboration studios may be reserved up to two (2) weeks in advance.

      – Collaboration studios are reserved in 1-hour time slots. Groups are limited to 2 time slots per day total. Groups may stay beyond their reserved time if no one else has reserved that studio for that time. Please check Collaboration Studios Reservation System for availability.

      – Reservations for Collaboration Studios are available between the opening of the Public Service Desk and 30 minutes prior to library closing.

      – To reserve a collaboration studio, groups must have at least 2 people. Collaboration studios can hold up to 6-8 people.

      – Before entering the studio, students ARE REQUIRED to check in at the Access Services Desk with their valid AU ID card.

      – You will receive an email confirmation of your reservation.  Please keep it for your records. If a problem arises, the Access Services staff will ask to see your confirmation email.

  • Walk-in Policy

    • If you do not have a reservation, visit the Access Services Desk for assistance.

  • Cancellations/Late Arrival Policy

    • – You will receive an email confirming your reservation which also includes a cancellation link.

      – There is a 15-minute grace period attached to your reservation. If at least a 2 members of your group do not arrive within the grace period, the reservation will be cancelled and the collaboration studio becomes available to other students.

      – If you reserve a studio and fail to show up, your reservation will be considered a “no-show”. After 3 no-shows, you will not be able to reserve a studio for the remainder of the semester.

  • Food and Drink Policy

    • Food is NOT permitted in the studios, and only closed water containers are permitted.

  • Usage Policies

    • – Anyone who reserves a collaboration studio is expected to clean up after themselves and leave the room ready for the next group.

      – Disconnect your personal device(s) or the University’s loaner equipment.  The LCD display will automatically disconnect once the last device is disconnected.

      – All rooms have a whiteboard. Please use only appropriate markers and erasers on the whiteboards. These items can be checked out at the Access Services Desk.

      – Please do not leave items unattended. Swirbul Library is not responsible for items left in the studio.

      – Please avoid leaving the studio unattended. Leaving the studio unattended may result in losing your reservation and allowing other students to use the studios.

      – Please be aware of the noise level. Be courteous to others library users.

      – Swirbul Library reserves the right to relocate students or vacate the studio at any time.

Multiple infringements may result in forfeiting your right to use the collaboration studios for the remainder of the semester. The Library reserves the right to cancel any reservation that is not in accord with Library policies.

Collaboration Studios are a shared resource, so please be consider of others.  If a problem arises, contact library staff at the Access Services Desk.
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