Internet Resources:

A Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace
A thoughtful listing of important sociology resources of all types on the Internet.
A complete electronic archive of all AAA journals.
Seamless access to archival content housed at JSTOR for key AAA publications including American Anthropologist (for AAA members and subscribing institutions). Current issues for 11 of the AAA's most critical peer-reviewed publications. AnthroSource is a fully integrated information resource. Its powerful search engine makes precision research quick and easy.
Archives for Research on Women and Gender Project at the University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries
Guide to web pages of other libraries and archives dealing with primary source materials on women's history.
Country Studies/ Area Handbooks
Standard reference source of information about developed and developing nations, this is an excellent source of information from the Library of Congress on the culture, society, and belief systems of nations, as well as the manner in which people perceive their national and political institutions through their cultural heritage.
Dead Sociologists' Society
"Welcome to the Dead Sociologists' Society! A list of the various theorists, some biographical information, and summary of their work can be found in the Dead Sociologists' Index, or you can look at the Dead Sociologists Gallery or the original chart from which I [L. Ridener] developed this."
Gifts of Speech: Women's Speeches from Around the World
Speeches by contemporary women maintained at a site from Sweet Briar College, Virginia. This site can be browsed alphabetically or chronologically as well as by a search option.
Internet Crossroads in the Social Sciences
This is an attractive and VERY nicely organized virtual library of well-annotated links to important governmental and non-governmental data sources and other resources of relevance in the social sciences at the U.S. and International levels. Major categories of data include: general; economic/labor; education; geographical/historical; health; political; sociological/demographic.
Open CRS
The congressional research service acts as the public policy research arm of Congress. CRS does not offer direct access to their information. It is not intended for public consumption or for dissemination to libraries so accessing these documents is not always easy. The function of the CRS report is to clearly define and clarify an issue from different perspectives in the legislative context to members of congress and their committees. Reports may include policy analysis, economic studies, statistical reviews, and legal analyses. A project of the Center for Democracy & Technology and through the cooperation of several organizations and collectors of CRS Reports, Open CRS provides citizens access to CRS Reports already in the public domain and encourages Congress to provide public access to all CRS Reports. CRS reports are ideal for researchers because they present nonpartisan information on present and past legislation from all sides of an issue, including legislation on many social issues. The reports and briefs are well- written, analytical and clarify difficult complicated issues clearly even for the average reader.
Social Science Information Gateway: SOSIG
A very high quality, comprehensive index of well-chosen, well-annotated links in the following areas: anthropology, demography, development studies, economics, education, ethnology, feminism, geography, government, information, international relations, law, military science, philosophy, politics, political economy, psychology, social welfare, sociology, and statistics.
Browse their outline of areas or search to retrieve sites.
Social Sciences Hub
This is the website of the Australian based Social Science Hub. It has resources for Anthropology, Sociology and Archaeology and other associated disciplines. also, it includes links to websites, newsgroups, news, research tools, data archives, and publications.
Social Sciences: The World-Wide Web Virtual Library
This virtual library of links keeps track of leading information facilities in the social sciences and, to some degree, the humanities. The following disciplines are among those covered: anthropology, cultural studies, demography, economics, ethnography, human ecology, law, linguistics, political science, social anthropology, sociology, and urban studies.
This resource provides a major metaindex in the social sciences with a subject guide to bibliographies and a special listing of outstanding sites.
Sociology Internet Resources
Western Connecticut State University. Dept. of Social Sciences.
Sociology: The World-Wide Web Virtual Library
This is very large, well organized guide to Internet resources in sociology. Areas covered include: Institutions - Departments, Associations & Organizations, Directories of Resources, Discussions: Newsgroups, Listservs, Chats, IRCs, Research Centres, Databases & Archives, Courses & Curricula Resources, Electronic Journals & Newsletters, Theories, Software Resources, Miscellaneous, and related fields.
SocioLog: Julian Dierkes' Comprehensive Guide to Sociology On-Line
Check the Genral Reference, Sociological Practice and Great Sociologists links.
"The SocioSite is designed to get access to information and resources which are relevant for sociologists and other social scientists. It has been designed from a global point of view - it gives access to the world wide scene of social sciences." Extensive coverage of numerous topics will be found via the "subject areas" listings (including inequality, death and dying, social policy, migration, customs, trade unions, postmodernism...). In addition, information about noted sociologists, mailing lists, and sections covering bookstores, research and expert centers is presented.
Easy-to-follow arrangement and well chosen collections of materials make this a very useful virtual library of links.
Survey Research Center [Princeton University]
Annotated guide to a variety of resources for locating survey research and consumer poll data.
The SocioWeb
An index of links to all things sociological. Contains directories of research centers and university departments, topical research, as well as links to mailing lists, listservs, and journals.
WCSU List: Sociology Internet Resources
Links organized by topic.
Women's Studies Database
From the University of Maryland, this is one of the most comprehensive and scholarly sites. Currently updated by the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, it is international in scope, covering gender issues (ex. sex discrimination, reproductive rights) government and politics, history and a Reference Room link to other on-line libraries and their collections.
WSSLINKS Women and Gender Studies Web Sites
Created and maintained by the Women's Studies Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries. A comprehensive and scholarly site providing information on primary and secondary source materials on topics relating to women from ancient history to modern times on an international scope. Links cover other subject categories from Business, Education, Music, Politics to Science and Technology.

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