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Aquarius Health Care Videos
Producer of "films that help people deal with life's challenges," with a limited number related to the healing arts.

Charles C. Thomas Publisher Inc.
For books on dance therapy in their online catalog see Behavioral Sciences >>Psychiatry and Psychology>> Creative Therapies.

Films for the Humanities and Sciences
Producer of several videos related to the healing arts.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Major publisher of professional and academic books in the social and behavioral sciences including dance and movement therapy and interdisciplinary arts therapies.

Publisher of books on various therapies including dance therapy.

Routledge (also see Taylor & Francis Group)
Publishes scholarly books in the social sciences and humanities..For books on dance therapy also search under the subject Psychotherapy.

Sounds True
Publishes audio and video materials about spiritual traditions, meditation, psychology, creativity, health and healing, self-discovery, relationships, and more, including the healing arts.

Taylor & Francis Group
An international academic publisher, the Taylor & Francis Group includes a variety of imprints. Books related to dance therapy can be found by searching this website.

University of California Center for Media and Independent Learning
Producer of educational media in a variety of disciplines including dance/movement therapy.

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Online bookstore for used and hard-to-find books, movies and music.
Online bookstore.

Barnes and Noble
Online bookstore.

Bushy Theater, Inc.
Producer of documentary videos highlighting the work of pioneers in dance/movement, expressive and creative arts therapies.

Fanlight Productions
Distributor of videos with an emphasis on mental health and healthcare, etc.

Questia: the Online Library of Books and Journals
An online library that provides access to books and journal articles in the humanities and social sciences, plus magazine and newspaper articles. Includes books and articles related to dance therapy.

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American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance
An alliance of six national health promoting associations.

American Dance Therapy Association.
Publishes the ADTA Newsletter, the American Journal of Dance Therapy, monographs, bibliographies, and conference proceedings.

Arts and Healing Network
The Arts and Healing Network's web site is an international resource for anyone interested in the healing potential of the arts. Includes links to books and audio and video products.

Association for Dance Movement Therapy UK
The professional association for dance movement therapy in the United Kingdom publishes a quarterly newsletter. Site includes a list of recommended books.

Dance Therapy Association of Australia
Site provides a list of resources in their library collection including books, journal articles, papers, conference proceedings, dissertations, and videos, as well as a few titles that are for sale.

Enhancement, Inc.
"A nonprofit foundation whose purpose is to teach and disseminate material relating to health and/or wellness, through videos, publications, lectures, etc. "

Heather Hill Hospital & Health Partnership
This "medical and health enhancement center" provides specialized services including art therapy.

International Institute for Dance Therapy IIDT
Provides a list of resources (books, video, compact disc) authored by Petra Klein, founder of the Institute.

The National Coalition of Arts Therapies Associations
An alliance of six creative arts therapies professional associations.

National Resource Centre for Dance
A British national archive and resource provider for dance and movement. Search the archive catalog for journal issues devoted to dance therapy.

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American Journal of Dance Therapy,11855,5-10126-70-35645123-0,00.html
Peer reviewed journal with articles on dance therapy theory, research, and clinical practice.

The Arts in Psychotherapy
This international, scholarly journal publishes articles on the theory and practice of art, dance/movement, drama, music, and poetry therapy.

Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, & Dance
Publishes articles on a wide range of diverse topics including dance therapy.

Moving On
Quarterly publication of the Dance Therapy Association of Australia.
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A moderated forum for acqusitions librarians and others interested in the acquisition of library resources.

ADTA ListServe
Listserv of the American Dance Therapy Association.

Library collection development listserv.

Creative Arts Therapies International
An unmoderated forum for creative arts therapies.

Dance Librarians
Moderated listserv for dance librarians.

VideoLib Electronic Discussion
An unmoderated list, hosted by the UC Berkeley Library, whose primary focus is video collection including issues related to the selection, acquisition and evaluation of video resources.

Voice of Dance
This online resource for dance hosts a message board.

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Citations, abstracts and selected full text for print and nonprint resources in nursing and allied health. By subscription only.

Education (H.W. Wilson)
Iindex to leading publications in the field of education. By subscription only.

Citations for articles in education periodicals and for documents on ERIC microfiche. Unrestricted Access on the Internet.

International Index to the Performing Arts
An index of scholarly and popular performing arts periodicals and other documents such as biographical profiles, conference papers, obituaries, interviews, discographies, reviews and events. By subscription only.

Medline (Pubmed)
Citations and abstracts for over 11,000,000 articles in biomedical journals. Unrestricted access on the Internet.

Database of citations and abstracts for publications about psychology and related disciplines from the 1880's to the present.
By subscription only.

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Antioch New England Graduate School ( Keene, NH) - Library

Columbia College (Chicago, IL) - Library

Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO) - Colorado State University Libraries

Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA) - Health Sciences Libraries Catalog

Lesley University (Cambridge, MA) - Fenway Libraries Online

Naropa University (Boulder, CO) - Allen Ginsberg Library

New York Public Library (New York, NY) - Research Libraries Dance Collection Catalog

Northern Illinois University (DeKalb, IL) -NIU Libraries

Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY) - Pratt Library

Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT) - Library
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Acquisitions and collection development site for librarians and others professionals. Provides many links.

Code of Ethical Practice of the American Dance Therapy Association
Lists the ethical obligations of dance/movement therapists.

Graduate School Directories

Provides geographical lists of graduate school programs in dance including dance/movement therapy.

Kinections Dance & Movement Therapy
Kinections is a program that offers alternate route training for credentialing in dance/movement therapy. Site provides a suggested list of books and articles.
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