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American Institute for Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
National professional association for CPAs in the U.S.
American Accounting Association (AAA)
Provides information on research, practice, education, publications, news and support links.
A free financial report service, provided by IR Solutions, a financial information services firm, offers PDF versions of company annual reports and HTML versions of Form 10K.
The Financial Accounting Standards Board
Provides summaries and status of all FASB Statements current to date. Also provides recent Exposure Drafts.
NYS Public Accounting
Lists the Public Accountant license requirements, the Certified Public Accountant license requirements and the address of the New York State Board office.
Banking & Finance
An international financial monthly publication. The site contains the full text of articles back to late 1995. The majority of information available is free, but you must register.
The Federal Reserve Board
A comprehensive site featuring:

  • Testimony and Speeches
  • Press Releases
  • Domestic and International Research
  • Regulations and Supervision
  • Consumer Information
  • Reports to Congress
  • Publications
  • Related Websites
Financial Data Finder
A comprehensive listing of over 200 links to financial data. Some are fee-based.
Current stock quotes plus news and analysis of selected stocks.
Yahoo! Finance
Provides a daily market summary, market indexes, currency rates, financial news, and links to educational tools.
ATF Online
Statistics compiled by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
International Monetary Fund (IMP)
Promotes international monetary cooperation and makes loans to member nations. A large number of its publications appear in full text.


Baker Library Research Guides (Harvard Business School)
These Guides from the library of the top business school in the country focus on topical resources to help in business related research as well as general business topics, specific subjects, industries, and countries. There are also Guides that step you through the research process. While many of the links are proprietary for Harvard students, most link to valid, authenticated resources, and some resources mentioned here can be found in the Adelphi Libraries.
Provides access points to online resources from business publications and academic sources.
The Census Bureau
The basic starting point for all business related statistics.
Doing Business (World Bank)
In depth data and reports about and rankings of regulations for doing business in 175 economies, along with comparative analyses.
Rutgers University Libraries Business Research Guide
This Guide has descriptions of databases and reference books in the collections of Rutgers University, many of which are also available from the Adelphi University Libraries. There are links to more than 3,000 selected business and management-related Internet resources. The home page is arranged alphabetically by business topic (i.e., Accounting, Banks & Financial Service, etc).
Business News
Excellent source for selected worldwide financial news and analysis of markets.
Articles from the latest issue of Forbes magazine, selected articles from previous issues, and an annual report on American industry.
The Occupational Outlook Handbook
Provides comprehensive, up-to-date career information. It describes working conditions, the training and education needed, and a range of earnings for about 250 jobs.
The American Job Bank
Offers employment opportunities nationally and locally.
Exclusive National Recruiting Network Employment
Featuring jobs for:

  • Accounting
  • Tax
  • Audit
  • Banking
  • Financial Professionals
Opportunities listed by specialty or region.
Company Information
Daily news and information, company research, statistics and more.
U.S. Securities and Exchange Comission
Contains the required filings of publicly held companies such as the 10K, quarterly reports (10Q), and other ownership filings.
Budget of the United States Government
For the current fiscal year.
The Economist
A magazine issued weekly. The site contains the latest issue and selected articles from past issues.
Bureau of the Public Debt
The Public Debt of the United States.
The Bureau of Economic Analysis
An agency of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, prepares estimates and an overview of the United States economy.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics
Collects, analyzes and disseminates statistical data on topics such as employment, consumer price index, labor management relations, and safety & health statistics.
The Dismal Scientist
Provides regional data: demographics, personal income and housing for metropolitan areas and states. Also, industry data for past six years.
Current Industrial Reports
Offers statistical reports on domestic industries from the U.S. Census Bureau.
EPA Sector Notebook Reports of the Environmental Protection Agency (U.S.)
Profiles major industries including brief overview of the industry, description of industrial processes and environmental compliance summary.
Liber8 (Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)
Provides centralized access to important, free online economic materials, databases and websites. This site includes the International Economic Statistics (IES) database, which identifies other free internet resources and sites available for specific countries. Other economic tools are available from this branch of the Federal Reserve Bank, but this page was created specifically with university reference and government document librarians in mind.
The Statistical Abstract of the United States Published since 1878, this is the authoritative and comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States.  Sources of data include the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis, and many other Federal agencies and private organizations.
Human Resources
Society for Human Resource Management
Provides updates in government policies and court rulings in regard to human resource issues
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
For equal opportunity laws, regulations, guidance and publications
New York State department of Labor
Information on New York specific labor laws, regulations, forms, publications and employer information
International Trade
USA Trade Online
The official source os U.S. merchandise trade data from the U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. International Trade Statistics
Arranged by country or commodity and shows value of exports and general imports.
Marketing & Advertising
American Factfinder
To access the demographic information of the U.S. Census Bureau go to the American Factfinder Database.
Market Segmentation: A guide to sources of information
Terrell, the Library of Congress's Business Reference Services, has compiled a listing of Internet resources that focus on market segmentation.
Small Business Management
Provides sample business plans, marketing plans, and links to other sites.
Business Plans and Profiles Index (Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh)
This site lists types of small businesses and a corresponding sample business plan, profile or book; if the plan or profile is available online then a link is provided. Alphabetical index by broad topics, which are further divided by specific resources for particular businesses.
Provides how-to resources to help run a business or a department within a company.
United States Small Business Administration
Provides extensive information for small business people on their website.
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
While primarily an advocacy group for American businesses, the Chamber also provides content on its website useful for the general public and entrepreneurs such as Small Business Toolkits, Small Business Issues, Business Docs and Forms, and an Issues Center.
The Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Trades futures and options on futures within four general categories:
  • Agricultural Commodities
  • Foreign Currencies
  • Interest Rates
  • Stock Indexes
The National Association of Security Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ)
Offers quotes on NASDAQ, the New York Stock Exchange, and the American Stock Exchange for the current day and provides related financial information.
NYSE Group, Inc. (NYSE)
Offers current quotes and financial information for each stock it lists and useful definitions of the terms used. Also, provides links to stock exchanges world wide for non-U.S. listed companies.

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