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Monday, April 14
12:00–1:30 p.m.


Social Work Building, Room 302
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Literature and the Human Condition


Join us for a discussion of Home by Toni Morrison.

“You could be inside, living in your own house for years, and still, men with or without badges but always with guns could force you, your family, your neighbors to pack up and move – with or without shoes.” — Frank Money, Home

Join us for a discussion of this hauntingly beautiful novella by Nobel prize-winning author Toni Morrison. In telling this memorable story, she etches for us an indelible portrait of an African-American Korean War veteran, Frank, searching for home. A deeper understanding of the causes and consequences of racism, violence, mental illness, and substance abuse is made vividly apparent with each chapter. In reading Frank’s profound experiences of both good and evil we are ourselves motivated for deeper self-discovery. The brutality and the beauty of the human condition are interwoven in nearly every line of this exquisite book. As a story of longing and belonging, reading it will be sure to transform you.


Marty Haas, Department of History
Lyn Paul, School of Social Work
Gloria Roberson, Professor Emeritus, Library


Julie Cooper Altman, School of Social Work

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