Information Literacy and Instruction

Library Instructional Services are available to classes, departments, offices, and individuals. The library offers classes on the use and interpretation of library resources in various subject areas and formats. The goal of the instruction program is to teach students to conduct effective research and think critically about the research process.

The Faculty Information Literacy Resources guide offers useful teaching tools and resources for faculty to integrate information literacy into course work.

All library instruction is scheduled and coordinated by the instruction librarian, Professor Eloise Bellard. However, all library faculty participate in the program.

Policy and Procedure:

  • Schedule library instruction by using the Library Instruction e-Form, by contacting your Subject Librarian, or by contacting Eloise Bellard, Instruction Librarian, by phone at 516.877.3584, or via email at
  • Contact the instruction librarian AT LEAST three weeks prior to the session to reserve the instruction room and dicuss your needs. Since labs are difficult to obtain, please have an alternative date in mind in case the time you request is unavailable.
  • Schedule the library instruction session for a time AFTER students have been given their assignment and will actually need to use the library. The timing of library instruction is CRUCIAL to student motivation and learning.
  • Library instruction sessions will generally not be scheduled during the first week of the semester.
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