Electronic reserve (e-reserve) is an easy and convenient way for students to access course reserve material from any computer with an internet connection, at any time. By using their name and Adelphi user ID, students can access articles, syllabi, URL’s, book chapters and schedules that have been provided by their professor.

Fair Use/Copyright Restrictions:

  • Fair use guidelines limit reproduction of material to no more than 10% of a total work, and no more than one article per journal title for each course.
  • All articles and book chapters will not be accepted without a full citation.
  • Any article that can be found through the Library online databases and electronic journals will not be accepted for e-reserve. You can use citation linker to find out if an article is available online.
  • Articles from print journals owned by the University will be permitted, if the full text cannot be found online (see above).
  • Adelphi is restricted to posting on reserve a total of five articles per journal title. This total is shared among all courses. This means that if five professors have already requested to post five different articles from the same journal, we cannot post any more articles from that journal.
  • All reserve items will be pulled off of reserve at the end of the semester and will not be placed on reserve again unless copyright clearance is obtained from the publisher. Faculty is responsible for obtaining this clearance before resubmitting reserve materials for additional semesters. Proof of clearance is required at time of resubmission.

Additional information on fair use and copyright guidelines can be found on the following sites:

Other Restrictions:

The Adelphi Libraries limit professors to no more than 25 items per course. Faculty with submissions exceeding this limit should consider arranging for a course pack. For more information, contact the campus bookstore.

Submitting Materials for E-reserve:

Electronic submission: An electronically submissible form can be accessed via ecampus: http://ecampus.adelphi.edu/e_reserves/index.php. A copy of the associated reserve materials must be submitted either in person or via interoffice mail to the Access Services Desk located on the first floor of the Swirbul Library. All copies to be placed on reserve must be supplied by the requester and should be single-sided. No copies will be returned.

Your material will be processed for e-reserve and the original copy will be put on VFR (or Vertical File Reserve). Therefore, if a student does not have access to a computer, the printed copy can be viewed at the library on a two-hour “room use only” basis.

Note: Please make sure submitted materials are as legible as possible. Legibility problems will only increase after scanning. All copies should be submitted on 8.5×11 standard-size paper without staples. All copies must be single sided.

Due Dates

To ensure your requested reserve or e-reserve materials are available for the start of a semester, please adhere to the following deadlines for submission:

Fall – August 1st

Summer I – May 1st

Spring – January 1st

Summer II – May 15th

Requests submitted after these dates will be processed on a “first come, first serve basis”. These materials may not be available for the beginning of the semester.

Student Access to E-reserves

E-reserves can be accessed through the Adelphi online catalog (Alicat), by going to http://alicat.adelphi.edu/screens/course.html. Complete instructions for access of reserve material can be found at http://www.adelphi.edu/wp-content/blogs.dir/141/files/2013/09/searchreserve.pdf?t=1378224888-2004911-a. Please note that these instructions, as well as most e-reserve materials are formatted as PDF files, which require Adobe Acrobat for viewing. If you do not already have Acrobat, you can get it from http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html.

Please feel free to call Access Services, at 516-877-3570, if you have questions about e-reserve.

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