Walt Whitman, 1819-1892.

Leaves of Grass . Philadelphia : D. McKay, 1884.

Gift of Emory Holloway.

This issue of the sixth edition contains the original Hollyer engraving as a frontispiece. The first issue of the sixth edition is known as the "suppressed edition" because it was "banned in Boston ." The publisher, J. R. Osgood, ceased publication after the District Attorney classified it as obscene. For a time the work was prohibited from being sent through the mail.

According to G. W. Allen in his The Solitary Singer (1967), Whitman at first offered to make minor changes (a few words or phrases), but absolutely refused when the District Attorney insisted on the omission of at least two entire poems. Osgood ended the agreement with Whitman by offering him a money settlement, the printing plates and over two hundred unbound copies of the book.

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