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loening-no-findingGrover Cleveland Loening (1888-1976), aeronautical engineer and author, was awarded an aeronautical engineering degree by Columbia University (M.A., 1910), the first such degree ever conferred by a university in the United States. His thesis, a study of the aerodynamic basis of contemporary airplanes, was published in 1911 under the title “Monoplanes and Biplanes.” His lectures on airplane design and construction were published in 1915 as Military Aeroplanes, a textbook that was adopted by the military services in the United States and Great Britain, and sold 43,000 copies. Loening’s long career in aviation included the design and building in 1921 of the five-seat Loening Flying Yacht, a monoplane flying boat, and a consulting practice during the 1930s that provided engineering advice to the Grumman Aircraft Corporation and other aircraft manufacturers.

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