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UASC, a department of the Adelphi University Libraries, is composed of two distinct collections: University Archives and Special Collections.

University Archives serves as the primary repository for records and information relating to the history, development, organization, and operations of Adelphi University and any of its offices, divisions, schools, or departments. In addition to official records of the University, the collection includes many other materials published or created by the University and its employees, including The Oracle (the Adelphi yearbook), The Delphian and other Adelphi newspapers, as well as items that originated outside the University, such as newspaper and journal articles about Adelphi. University Archives also houses manuscripts, graphic materials, audio-visual materials, photographs, electronic records, and artifacts.

UASC reserves the right to decline any materials that may harbor harmful matter such as mold or insects (identified by sight or smell) and/or insects for accessioning. If there is any doubt about the condition of the materials, please contact UASC for a preliminary appraisal. 

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