Personnel – By Department

  • Administrative Office
    • Dean of University Libraries Brian Lym 516.877.3520
      Associate Dean for Public & Administrative Services Ann Minutella 516.877.3518
      Associate Dean of Libraries for Digital Initiatives & Automated Services Ken Herold 516.877.3531
      Assistant to the Dean (Administration) Kathy Bucalo 516.877.3521
      Executive Assistant to the Dean Christina Connolly 516.877.3520
      Administrative Assistant Anne Marie Grupski 516.877.3523
  • Access Services
    • A.S./Reserve Supervisor Maria Facciolo-Roca 516.877.3598
      Evening Supervisor/Annex Mgr. Michael Ganci 516.877.3560
      Administrative Assistant Kathleen Commisso 516.877.3596
      Administrative Assistant Lynn Gallant 516.877.3569
      Administrative Assistant Joann Madison 516.877.3595
      Administrative Assistant Carmela Maggio 516.877.3554
      Library Assistant Henry Maslon 516.877.3518
      Administrative Assistant Maria Pagano 516.877.3561
      Library Public Service Assistant Conor Patten 516.877.3527
      Library Public Service Assistant Thomas Mazzara 516.877.3569
      Hourly Information Assistant Lorraine Anzalone 516.877.3570
      Hourly Information Assistant Gino DiDonato 516.877.3570
      Hourly Information Assistant Frances Hansen 516.877.3570
      Hourly Information Assistant Margaret Justynowicz 516.877.3570
      Hourly Information Assistant Edward Wulff 516.877.3570
  • Acquisitions Department
    • Acquisition Strategies Librarian
      Sandy Urban
      Acquisitions Assistant
      Ian Bloomfield
      Administrative Assistant
      Luis Aguirre
      Administrative Assistant
      Fulgida Pedone
      Administrative Assistant
      John Watchorn
  • Archives and Special Collections
    • Head, University Archives & Special Collections David Ranzan 516.877.3543
      Asst. University Archivist 
      & Special Collections Librarian
      Brian McDonald 516.877.3818
      Sr. Adjunct Collections Specialist Elayne Gardstein 516.877.3563
      Adjunct Project Archivist Claudia Lemlich 516.877.3594
  • Cataloging Department
    • Cataloging and Metadata Strategies Librarian
      James Cho
      Administrative Assistant
      Anne Conte
      Administrative Assistant
      Donna Hennessy
      Administrative Assistant
      Lori Cary
  • Collection Development & Management
    • Collections Strategies Librarian
      Debbi Smith
      Collections Specialist & Supervisor
      Nicholas Ferrelli
      Administrative Assistant Stephanie Falkowski 516.877.3539
      Library Assistant Raymond Signore 516.877.3522
  • Hauppauge Library
    • P/T Hauppauge Center Librarian
      James Cassidy
      Administrative Assistant
      Vivian Bailey
  • Hudson Valley Library
    • P/T Hudson Valley Librarian Nancy Altman 845.471.3348
  • Manhattan Library
    • Head Librarian
      James McAleese
      212.965.8340 ext. 8379
      Perm. P/T Administrative Assistant
      Abebe Tessema
      212.965.8340 ext. 8379
  • Periodicals and Interlibrary Loan
    • Interlibrary Loan/Periodicals Manager
      Chalynne Reed
      Interlibrary Loan/Periodicals Assistant
      Stephan Berger Jr.
      Administrative Assistant
      Christian Tercero
  • Reference Services
    • Reference-Gov. Doc. Librarian 
      & Reference Services Coordinator
      Victor Oliva
      Reference Librarian Aditi Bandyopadhyay 516.877.4166
      Reference Librarian 
      & Library Instruction Coordinator
      Eloise Bellard 516.877.3584
      Reference Librarian
      Rachel Isaac-Menard
      Reference Librarian/CMC Amrita Madray 516.877.3579
      Reference Librarian 
      & Electronic Resources Coordinator
      Lois O’Neill
      Adjunct Reference Librarian
      Lori Cimino Caniano
      P/T Reference Librarian
      Mary Kathleen Boyd-Byrnes
      P/T Reference Librarian
      Mary Josenhans
      P/T Instruction & Online Learning Librarian
      Bianca Rivera
      P/T Reference Librarian
      Marion LaPlaca
      P/T Reference Librarian James McAleese 212-965-8340 x8365
      P/T Reference Librarian Stuart Schaeffer 516.877.3574
      P/T Reference Librarian Janet Wagner 516.877.3574
      P/T Reference Librarian Robert Weiss 516.877.3574
      Administrative Assistant Maureen Adkins 516.877.3582
  • Technical Support
    • Information Technology Specialist Saleena Au 516.877.3546
      Instructional Multimedia Specialist Stanislav Bogdanov 516.877.3553
      Library Systems Administrator Frank Scaturro 516.877.3550
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